Financial Empowerment Tools

Breaking the cycle of poverty for individuals and families. 

Kairos sponsors seminars and training workshops on managing finances in order to achieve future goals.  


Workshops include:

Financial Empowerment

Are you living from paycheck to paycheck, or not getting a paycheck at all? Do you sense that financial stability is beyond your grasp?  Kairos’ Financial Empowerment series will teach you how to plan ahead, manage your money, give, repair your credit, increase your savings, invest, and become financially stable. Our financial empowerment program is available to those who have completed the program on “Empowering Purpose, Power and Possibilities" in the Grace Center.

Ways to Work

Struggling to get to work or to school? Having difficulty obtaining an affordable auto loan? The Ways to Work financial empowerment program helps working families move to greater levels of self-sufficiency by providing access to reliable transportation and financial education. Ways to Work is an economic empowerment program that combines grants, with financial education, budget consulting, and personalized management. Prerequisites for this program may be required.

Investment Matching Program (IMP)

IMP is a matched savings program allowing eligible participants to receive matching funds. As you save for post-secondary education, purchasing of a home or to establish a small business, Kairos will match your savings and provide workshops on investing as your capital increases.

First Time Home Buyer Program

If you have a low to moderate income and are thinking about purchasing your first home, Kairos can help you turn your dreams into reality. Take our Homeower Workshop to learn everything you need to know to ensure successful home ownership.  We provide valuable information on maintenance, taxes, insurance, and budgeting.  Your home is your biggest financial asset – learn to protect and care for it.Please check back for the schedule of classes. 

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